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Modern Plumbing & Septic provides reliable, affordable plumbing and septic services. We offer our customers upfront pricing and reliable, dependable service on every job.

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We used Modern Plumbing Sewer & Drain Contractors to have our septic tank pumped.
-They were great. They were reasonably priced and they came right out. They were very prompt and they were able to get out here quickly. They were helpful. We had a clog going out to our septic tank and we had water backing up. I watched through with them before they actually came out to make sure that it needed to be pumped. I definitely will use them again. Like I said they were great and they came right out. They were really helpful especially over the phone because I had to explain to them what the issue was. Mike, Kalamazoo

Modern Plumbing Sewer & Drain Contractors changed the toilet in one bathroom. He repaired a broken line and did some repair work so that we could have fresh drinking water.
-My experience with them went very well. He did everything well. He was friendly and did it as timely as he could. He was here a lot of the day but he did a lot of work. I appreciated that. He didn’t take a lot breaks. He forgot to do one service but I forgot it too. His price was fine and fair. Haydon, Kalamazoo

Replaced water heater and brought the shut-off valve to code.
-A time convenient to me was scheduled by a most pleasant and knowledgeable receptionist, Amanda. She not only scheduled prompt service, she also gave a very close estimate in cost, and instructed me on how to shut the water heater and gas off to prevent further leakage until the workers could arrive.

The plumbers, Travis and Dan, arrived as scheduled and established that a new water heater was necessary as well as a new shut-off valve. Within a half an hour, they returned with a new replacement heater. Installation of the new unit was rapid and an old shut-off valve was brought up to code.

The men were obviously capable and efficient. In short order, the new unit was in and the old unit removed to their truck. Before leaving, they made sure that all functioned properly and that I was satisfied and aware of how to operate the new water heater. Each also took the time to be sure that all was clean and tidy before leaving. Both were very pleasant and respectful young men.

A follow-up call was made to insure that I was satisfied and was having no problems. Plumbing problems are never pleasant, but this company eases you through the repair without making it an ordeal. You won't go wrong scheduling work to be done by Modern. I've been with them for over twenty years and have never had a need to complain. Mary, Kalamazoo
I used Modern Plumbing Sewer & Drain Contractors for septic tank services.
-The guys from Modern Plumbing Sewer & Drain Contractors were really quick. Their price is pretty comparable. Tracey, Portage
Repair of water softener that sounded a caution alarm after every regeneration cycle.
-Our water softener had been sounding the caution alarm for almost a year before we thought we could afford to have it serviced (a previous service by the installing company -NOT Modern- for the same alarm had been very pricey so we were not anxious to repeat the experience). When Travis came out the first time he dissected the unit and found something lodged in the device that he felt may be causing the problem. He cautioned us that if this didn't solve the problem we might be looking at the possibility of process of elimination trouble-shooting, and the possibility of a very expensive fix. Sadly, the caution light came on at next regeneration so husband called the technician to tell him what had happened; he said he wanted to look into a few things before we put any more money into it, and he would call us back. It took a few days, but when he called back he explained that he had been doing some heavy research; talking to the manufacturer, service techs, and even a local "expert" on our type of softener so he had the most complete information. At his second visit Travis was able to fix the problem in a short amount of time.
We are very pleased with the quality of service provided by Modern Plumbing Sewer & Drain Contractors! Even though it took two visits to solve the issue, the cost was actually less than we expected: the $221.00 fee was a combined cost of both visits with the service call fee of $59 waived for the second visit.
Travis went above-and-beyond-the-call of any technician in trying to solve our problem with a minimum of cost. We will definitely be using Modern for any future plumbing issues.
Robin, Portage
Replace water heater.
-We noticed that the old water heater had a small leak. It was over 25 years old. I called them on Tuesday and made an appointment for Friday morning. They said between 8:30 and 9:30. He called and was there at 8:30. He looked at the situation and he suggested a replacement with new connections and all labor. I decided to upgrade from a 40 gal. tank to a 50 gal. tank. He went back to get the new tank and was back buy 10:00. He replaced the old tank with all the connections and disposed the old one and cleaned up and went over the new operation of the new tank. All this was completed by noon. Michael, Galesburg
I called to say we had a broken cast iron sewer pipe that goes from the house to the septic tank. They came out and replaced the old cast iron pipe with plastic all the way to the septic tank.
-They responded in a very timely manner and came out the next day to give an estimate. He knew right away what is was going to take to get it done. A few days later as scheduled they came with a mini excavator to dig out the old pipe and replace it with new all the through the wall of the house and into the septic tank. They did a very nice job and all I had to do was spread some new grass seed where they had dug.
Plumbing work always seems kind of expensive, but they came in and completed the work in just a couple of hours that would have taken me all day, been a real mess, and several trips to Home Depot to get the right fittings. They cleaned up everything and we hardly knew they were there. And I know the job is done right.
After the work was complete there was a mix up on the balance of payment resulting in an over payment. She called right away before I even realized it to apologize and refund the over payment. I appreciated that.
I would recommend them to anyone.
George, Vicksburg
My kitchen sink was soooooo plugged that the water just sat there. (in both sinks) I called Modern around 12:30/1pm and (I think her name was Lisa) said they would work me in today. At about 4:30 I was getting a little worried so I called back and was told they would be there by 5:15. Yeah! Travis called around 5:05 and was there by 5:10. He had his work cut out for him. It was a deep, heavy blockage. But he got it! He checked the bathrooms and washer to make sure nothing was coming up thru them. All was good. He cleaned up to my satisfaction, I paid him and all is right with the world again. (oh yea I had a $15.00 coupon from the phone book). He was gone by 6:30.
-I am very satisfied with Modern. I have used them several times before and don't think I would call anyone else. Everyone is very friendly, prompt and efficient. And the price is fair.
Marsha, Galesburg
Installed a water softener I provided. Ran a water line to refrigerator.
-Came same day I called for an estimate (which was free). Good prices, professional, and good work.
Chris, Kalamazoo
The put in a new septic system.
-It went very well. They are very professional, very friendly, and they listened to our requests.
Megan, Kalamazoo
Replaced our gas water heater.
-Their office rep gave us an install time of 3pm. The installer called about two hours before the appointment time to ask if he could come early. He came right over after his call. He came right in and checked out the old water heater and let me know that it was bad. Before getting started, he let me know what heater would be installed and told me about the additional charge for a new gas valve. The new water heater was installed in a very neat and timely manner. I was most impressed with the manner in which he explained the usage instructions. The installer was very patient and responded well to our questions.
I would not hesitate to call Modern Plumbing again.
Harley, Portage
Replace outside faucets, shut-off valves, repair leaky drains, replace incorrect sink drains, fix venting of water heater
-Les came out for the initial estimate on a Friday and had Brian come out for the work Monday morning. I had a brief conversation with Brian and got an ETA of 3 hours from him. I arrived back in 3 hours Brian was completed and did a quick walk through of everything he fixed; all was correct and done neatly and professionally with no mess. I know plumbing is an area where companies can get a bad reputation but I selected Modern based on their Angie’s list reviews and was not disappointed in their services. I would not hesitate to contact them again for anything plumbing related, fair, reasonable priced and work completed on time and correct the first time.
Shawn, Kalamazoo

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